Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shotgun No Blitz - Letters to Myself - Painted Ox Records - 2013

Shotgun No Blitz hails from Lebanon, PA founded in 2010. They are Matt, Buff, Wade, and Kevin. I'll be reviewing their new release on Painted Ox Records titled "Letters To Myself".
Available on Bandcamp (I'll post a link at the bottom).

The EP starts out with "Bystander" a nice little tale about murder/torture/going to Hell.
Then jumps to "Reflections" a song about being better than you have been. After that "Persevere" a pretty catchy ditty. "Mass-Produced" is a call to action to do what you want not what you're told. "Interlude" well it's what the title suggests, "Introvert" best sums all introverts (like myself) "I'm not feeling alone/atleast I'm feeling something". The last track "On My Own" is easily the best song off the EP.

If you love pop punk or want to give it a try I highly suggest shelling out the $6 and getting this EP. Definitely better than what you'd hear on the radio by far.

By: Kyle Grissom

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