Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Skull Drug - Self titled - BHJ Records - 2013

Steam Rolling out of Phoenix, AZ Skull Drug is a four piece punk/metal hybrid act that first come 
to my attention with the release of their EP Sensory Overload, which fucking rocked!
Naturally, I was pleased to find a package from the boys in the mail with a copies of their latest release Skull Drug, along with plenty of stickers. (Yes, loyal PoDunk Radio listeners expect a Skull Drug giveaway soon) 

Skull Drug performing live. Image from

Skull Drug is

  • Evan Williams - Guitars / Vocals - Formerly of: Rosco, Monkeybomb!
  • Justin "Junior" Waldrop - Guitars / Vocals - Formerly of: Sons of Seven
  • Butch - Bass / Vocals - Formerly of: Jim Jones Party Mix, Evocator, Chump Change, Living Hell, Shit Sandwitch, Resolve, Zeitgiest, Psykotic Kinesis, Itchy Rectum and the Stink Stars  
  • Wyatt Clark - Drums - Formerly of: Side Affects, Guilt by Association, Evolution

The album starts off with a track titled Liver Die - I know, right? we've all been there, haven't we?  The intro clocking in at 41 seconds followed by at least another 20 lead in sets a nice punk rock tone. Williams' vocals rip into the melody like a teenage boy would the head cheerleaders panties - the track gets wet, real wet. Clark begins assaulting his symbols and it hits me -this is actually mid-80's thrash on Ritalin  These kids took thrash and slowed it way the fuck down and put better vocals out front. - Good on you guys!

Williams and company have done a really good job of blending metal/thrash and punk into a really good sound, as they demonstrate song after song throughout this self titled release.

I think the stand out track on this album is Malicious Kind. Everything about this track falls into place and connects just right - you couldn't get this kind of fit from a custom molded latex vagina.

Phantom Operas is a nice instrumental piece that gives each of the musicians a chance to show their skills and creates a kind of a interlude in the middle of the album and another instrumental comes in at track 15, Defected.

I'll probably never get the chance to catch this band live - fortunately I know people that have and they really seem to dig the live performance this band gives. Lots of energy is the phrase I hear repeated over and over from people that have caught Skull Drug Live. 

 There are a total of 15 tracks on this one, not a bad one in the bunch. My advice - get this fucking album. 

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