Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who Knew

Who knew starting a podcast could be so damned frustrating? After jacking around with Audacity (not a bad piece of software - but a little too glitchy on my mac) for my first podcast i decided to give garageband a try. I really like garageband, creating a podcast with it is a lot quicker.  I'm not having any trouble creating the podcast at all... it's getting the damn thing online and publicly available in a format anyone can use that's giving me the shits. today i am trying to upload to mevio and i'm pretty sure (after an hour of the damn thing saying it's working) that it's not working. At this moment i am ready to throw my cup of hot coffee into my laptop and then take a big steaming shit on it. Fuck me! i will overcome this. i will overcome this. think i'll try podbean now.

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