Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Toadies - Live at Crosswire

OK. So i went to the Toadies show last night.  First let me point out that this is the biggest act to ever play in Paris. Second, this was my first time to ever see them live and i was fucking ecstatic to see them in such a small venue.

Before the Toadies took to the stage they had two opening bands the first being a band called Hearts of Spain (at least that's what they had painted on the bass drum) i tried looking them up today on myspace music and other locations around the webhole but could not find them anywhere. Trust me you're not missing much anyway.  The music was sub par the vocals were just terrible (think beaver in pain) and the drummer seemed a tad distracted at several points during their show. The only redeeming quality this band had was the chick on the bass. This girl rocked those 4 strings like nobody's business. Not only could she play the shit out of that bass but she was pretty cute too (i had only had 4 beers and 2 crowns at this point so i know it wasn't the alcohol) she was dressed somewhat like a slutty school teacher and acted completely like an escaped mental patient. These guys were ok but i'd like to see them after they've practiced a few more years.

Next up was House Harkonnen out of Arlington, Texas. This was another band i've never heard of and was quite frankly [after the first band] was a bit afraid to hear. The emcee announced them as a "hard rock band". i found it comical that they were all dressed like they had raided lemmy's {motorhead} closet but the joke stopped during the first song. These guys KILLED! The area in front of the stage began to fill up and were it not for overly protective security there could have been a full on mosh pit right there in the middle of a country bar. Needless to say, i was pleased with the performance of this band but i will offer this word of caution: they sound better live than they do on their myspace page.  i do suggest looking them up if you're in the texas/oklahoma area any time soon and catch them live. they doth rocketh!

And then finally... the Toadies took the stage!

OK, even if you are not a Toadies fan, i suggest you go see these guys live. they put on one of the best [small venue] live shows i have ever seen. They began the show with Backslider and i couldn't help but wonder if todd was going to have vocal chords left by the time he was done with that song. Honestly, by the time they took the stage, i was pretty well drunk so i cant tell you the exact set list. I just know i hopped up and down for 2 hours like i was still 17 [my body is still reminding me today that i am not]
i recall they covered a beetles tune (again too drunk to have proper recollection)

All in all - they guys will bow you away live even the wife had a grand time and she does not drink.

rumor has it Stone Temple Pilots will be in town next month. maybe i wont get so drunk i can't tell you what happened.


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