Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Beginner

Okay, so maybe i should have taken some time to familiarize myself with the audio software i got to create my podcast with.

as with most things i waited until the day i planned to start to even open the application.  Didn't take long to get the basic functions worked out so i hammered out a show that's just oat 30 minutes. i know, i know a short show but i plan on spending time this weekend getting more into the software, maybe making up a few snazzy openers and such for the show - throw a soundboard of randomness together and push this bitch for all it's worth for next weeks show.

anyways - here's the line-up for this week
Start The Party -                                              The Dirtbombs
Bread & Bombs -                                             Not for Sale
Lean on Sheena -                                            Bouncing Souls
Baby, I'm an Anarchist -                                 Against Me!
Rip My Heart Out -                                                 The Pistol Whipper Snappers
Teenage Pussy from Outer Space -             Buck Naked & the Bare Bottom Boys
I Got Your Number -                                        Cock Sparrer
Falling in Love with Myself -                          Ivy Green
Suburban Dream -                                           Broken Bottles
Screw You, We're from Texas -                     Ray Wylie Hubbard


  1. great tunes......but it took FOREVER for them to download (over TWICE the time of the actual podcast!).
    might i suggest switching to mevio (or somethinf similar) for future podcasts, as it's a lot faster and can support multiple formats.
    all in all, not bad for the first time out!
    cheers~~ Fester

  2. yup i am definitely getting away from the filefactory. too much BS just to get to the file for one thing.

    thanks for the feedback. i appreciate it.

    now if i can just figure out why folks are having to use an encoder just to play the file...