Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So the wife said get a hobby

So the wife said get a hobby.  Apparently she is tired of hearing me whine every Wednesday about how bored i was all day long while she was at work.
Yes, it happens every Wednesday.  I sit around the house bored out of my fucking skull until i transform into some sort of bleeding vagina. Apparently she is tired of it.

Lucky for me i recently stumbled upon the most fantastical website. realpunkradio.com
Brothers and Sisters let me tell ya, i have wandered in the darkness, i have stumbled upon the uneven terrain and have emerged into the light that is that blessed website.

This site got me to thinking.... "Hey, I like punk rock"...I have tons of it I'm not sharing with anybody! Why the fuck should I be so damned greedy with my ear lovin'?
so the idea to create my own podcast was born.

I will say now, upfront, the podcast you will hear tomorrow will be undercooked. there may be some risk of contracting salmonella in your ear. There will most likely be dogs barking, dishes breaking and quite possibly the sound of my good and decent neighbors busting through my door (and subsequently getting shot to death) to tell me "turn that shit down!"

Bear with me. I learn quickly.
'Til tomorrow fucks, fuckers and fuckerers-ers.


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