Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Spoke, We Listened!

Since we launched the new website layout a couple of weeks back we have gotten a few "suggestions" (read as complaints) regarding some aspects, mainly the comically over-sized header. Ordinarily I'd politely tell you to go fuck yourself, but you guys were right; so I fixed it. YOU'RE WELCOME! I also fixed a few things with the blog area. As you know we run multiple blogs related to podunk radio and I felt they needed their own separate feeds rather than be all piled into one feed stream, so yeah, when you click "BLOGS" now you get optiins of which blog you want to read; be it the main feed, videos we post, interviews, or album reviews, the content you want is now much more easy to find (we hope)

Love, peace, and bacon grease; bitches, I'm out of here! 

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