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World War IX - Off The Wagon - 2013 - Megaplatinum Records

World War IX pretty much keeps Brooklyn on it's toes with their antics and punchy hardcore punk rock - (they call it trash punk).-  I gotta admit, I was ecstatic to get a box in the mail from them last week or so containing their two latest EPs and some comics penned by guitarist Justin Melkmann himself. (beautiful work man, just beautiful)

WWIX is Filthy Phill - Vox, Justin Melkmann -Guitar, Brian 'Chinatown'Jackson - Bass, & Jon Kleinman -Drums

Off The Wagon was released on Megaplatinum Records earlier this year - Jan. 29th (2013 for those of you that haven't noticed yet) .
I'll never get the chance to catch these kids live unless I can talk them into stopping by my place on their way to Dallas or Austin, but I've seen enough live video footage to know these guys have an incredible amount of energy and love involving the crowd at their shows. 

The EP starts off with an instant assault to the ears in a language that I can not speak nor understand and then this jack called The Kleve bust out some trumpet work that makes me want to raise the flag on my table and get some more sopaipillas. At just under a buck and a quarter Carrera Con El Diablo (Race with the Devil)  gives you enough time to throw back a beer. The video for this track is pretty funny and makes it seem more like the title should be Carrera Hacia El Inodoro (Race to the Toilet). These guys clearly had a good time making the video and I admit that I was saddened that in the end no one had shit in the sombrero. 

WWIX has never been a band to get fancy with the effects pedals and I fucking love them for that. In my opinion if you can't just turn up the gain all the way and play a quick few chords you should probably just get out of the punk scene and put a bullet in your eye. No, really, I'll sit back and wait.............

There are 5 tracks on this EP and one 36 second [voice-mail?] of a dude professing to bust out a barrage of burgers on an unsuspecting  group of diners; here's the catch  - he did it all using his mind! Hey, I believe him; I'm pretty sure I killed a cricket with my mind late one night. - Shit Happens - Prove me wrong. Anyway, back to this EP; These five tracks are quick, fast paced, punchy and fuck and bound to keep the pit hopping and kids freaking the fuck out.  It's great for the trip to work or the return trip home - I can burn off a lot of road rage with an EP like this. 

I Fucking LOVE this EP and hope it comes out on a 7" soon. Many thanks to the guys in WWIX for sending these out - it has been a real pleasure reviewing.

Track 5, Bath Salt Zombies is the theme song for the recently released movie by the same title - Bath Salt Zombies is a new horror film directed and co-written by Dustin Wayde Mills and produced and co-written by Clint Weiler of Aggronautix. The movie sensationalizes the recent bath salt epidemic and the attacks surrounding them. The first trailer and poster for this topical horror flick that is sure to make your skin crawl.

Bath Salt Zombies Movie Poster

Movie Poster and Trailer from

ji* - Jacks Insanity
The PoDunk Punk

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