Sunday, March 17, 2013

SSA - Unleash Basement Recordings on ReverbNation

!SSA performing live

Mike Wontor (NJ Mike) is back and rarely has New Jersey rocked this hard! SSA just released some demo tracks on ReverbNation. 

SSA is Mike Wontor - Vocals, Ryan Thompson - Guitar (both former WWIX rejects) Steve Wanchow on drums, and Vic Laube on Bass.

These demo tracks are raw and aggressive! Early 80's hardcore with a dash of thrash thrown in for good measure. If these demo tracks are this good, the studio tracks should blow you the fuck away. SSA are currently hitting the studio to polish these out. No release date has been set, as of yet. 

Their first live show had the kids singing and dancing until the cops showed up, but they are booking new gigs now. Keep your eyes and ears peeled open for show date announcements and stay tuned to PoDunk Radio and NoSale Radio for EP drop dates!

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