Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fistula - Northern Aggression - LP 0/22/12 - Patac Records

Fistula is (on this record): Corey Bing-Guitar, Bahb Branca-vocals, Nate Linehan-Drums, Sean Linehan-bass


I hate to admit - the intro sampling to this album sounds like something that could have been recorded in my house. 

Feedback, glorious feedback; any album that leads in with as much feedback as Northern Aggression is already a  winner in my book then to shift into a that deep southern doom riff -
Fistula, you just stole my heart. Again.

Hailing from the Cleveland, OH area; Fistula are currently an active heavy punk, sludge, hardcore band. Having experienced a number of lineup changes throughout the years. They are a filthy class-act in the sludge arena indeed, heralding former - as well as ex- members and current members - affiliated with bands such as Morbid Wizard, Disease Concept, Ultralord, Sollubi, King Travolta, Rue, 16, Trenchant,Anal Cunt, Adolf Satan, Insult, Scumchrist, Accept Death and Sloth (US).

Fistula have a long track record of putting out amazingly brutal releases and Northern Aggression does not disappoint one bit.

Bahb Branca chokes out his vocal duties. As I listen to this, I get the notion this is what Al Jourgensen could sound like if he had a real pair of balls. Corey’s  guitar riffs are heavy as a lunch ladies tits and filled with grit, a good dirty sound coming out of them and Sean’s bass lines seem to be driven by hell. I just don’t think Nate can beat those drums any harder than he is here on Northern Aggression.

This album will have you packing your bong for the sludge and sloshing the water out when they pick up the pace. There is nothing about this album that I can not like except for the bong water all over the floor, but it looks like the dog is taking care of that and might get a nice long nap in for the afternoon.

Sobriety is Overrated is a minute and half audible DT fit, I’ve been there and if put to music - this is what a hard withdrawal would sound like, the early low, sick feeling bleeding into the caged rage of a violent fit and just right there at the peak of the fit, the last drop of tainted sweat oozes from your pores and the song is over.

Fang takes on a similar style with the deceptive intro lulling you back into a state of calm mellow before flipping you over onto your belly and dry humping like a homeless wino for the next 3 minutes.

Black Sunday just gets under your skin from the get-go. Fistula really blended the angry punk sound with the doom riff feel on this one. Kids will bleed in the pits on this one for sure.

Harmful Situation keeps the anxiety level high I’m now determined that Fistula actually want me to rip shit off my walls, kick holes in my doors, and throw handfuls of shit at my neighbors.

Kanker Noise erupts into an all out frenzy. If I turn this up anymore the cops will show up, scary part is; I don’t fucking care if they do - let them come - I’ll throw this handful of shit at them!

Thankfully Lightbulb Smoker steers my new found aggression back to a slightly safer arena. Well, fuck I honestly have no clue what the fuck to do with myself during this song - it is an epic masterpiece of ass rape to the emotional core. Somebody needs to get these kids back on their Bi-Polar Disorder pills before my head fucking explodes. This is by far the standout track off of this album. It makes me miss heroin. It makes me miss cocaine and yet reminds me that I still need to stay the fuck away.

The Spider screeches into play and forces itself into the brain establishing a rapid rate of cellular decay and like the fly in the web, I stop struggling shortly after the initial bite and suddenly am OK with having my life sucked from me.

Big Props to the boys in Fistula for this release, you kids are some serious fucking talent with some seriously fucked up music and I wouldn't love you if you weren't.


punk hardcore metal 

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  1. thanks for the great review guys. I do however want to note that I wasn't on this record, it was OG member Bahb Branca.

    1. fixing that right now. let's hope that you, too, can show al a thing or two about vocals.