Wednesday, March 27, 2013

6th annual Skate Til You Die Punk and Skateboard mini tour.

 6th annual Skate Til You Die Punk 

and Skateboard Mini Tour

May 17-18-19 2013

This year we will be raising awareness about the indigenous people of Hawaii and their struggle for independence and raising money for the Music Cares Foundation. 

On May 17-18-19 skaters will skateboard 66 miles from Richmond Ca. To San Jose Ca to raise money and awareness and also to have a great time. 

Skate Til You die is a skate-a-thon where skaters get people to make donation pledges based on how many miles he or she skates. For example if someone pledges .10 cents a mile and the skater skates the whole 66 miles then the person owes $6.66. Skaters can collect the money after the event or can get one time donations and bring donations at the start of the event. The skater that raises the most money will win the Grand Prize. 

Donations can be made starting today via

Heres are links toThis years causes:

Music Cares Foundation

Indigenous People of Hawaii

Here are the venues and bands. (Bands Subject to change)

May 17 

Burnt Ramen Richmond 
7pm all ages $5

Cheap Skate 
Black Market Prophets
Spite Fuck

May 18 

Oakland Metro
7pm all ages $5

(Special surprise headliner) 
Follow blindly
Under 15 Seconds

May 19

San Jose House
4pm all ages $5

Las Malas pulgas
Protest authority
Vulgar nuns 

Our sponsors include. 
Powell Peralta
Alternative Tentacles
Spector Bass and Guitars
Bones Wheels and Bearings
Tankcrimes Records
Hartman Pedals
510 Skateshop 
Plus many other record labels, skate shops, bands, and businesses 

Thanks. Lets have another great year ! 
John the Baker

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