Monday, December 26, 2011

The V8 Wankers frontman twists the petticoats !!! - New Music from Wyldfyre!

WYLDFYRE is all about having fun drink beer.
If not the Hell’s Angels provide red wine.

With his very own band, the V8 WANKERS, main man Lutz Vegas conquered the national Speedrock scene and left his mark. But what can a man do if beer, cars, women and his own band are not enough anymore?
Only one thing - founding another great Rock n Roll outfit. And even between slap bass and Bluesrock guitars he rocks in his very unique way.

With his first Rockabilly band SPIKE’S ROCKIN 4 he already played end of 80’s. They rocked, toured and recorded between 1987 an ’89 and in 1991, two years after they split, the band came back together to record an album “Final EP” which was released through Crawfishin Records and sold more than 1.000 copies throughout Europe.
 Now, twenty years later and the first time ever, all seven songs will be released in a remastered version and meet Lutz’ actual Rockabilly project WYLDFYRE (founded 2006).

"7 brand new hits with grit plus 7 blasts from the past” - fourteen reasons for a great album and so he decided to bring the past and the present together on one split album to celebrate 20 years of Rock n Roll recording with Lutz Vegas and 5 years of WYLDFYRE.

 Pick up this release on i  hate people records a great label with tons of great bands.

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