Thursday, December 29, 2011

PoDunk Radio Compilation planned for February 2012 release

hey kids, jacks insanity here. it's been an amazing 10 months here for the gang at  and we'd like to thank all of you, the bands, the labels, and the listeners for your continually increasing support and listenership.

When i founded podunkradio back in february of this year i wasn't sure if it'd go over very well at all but i was determined to make a go of it and busted my ass (and the asses of the podunk djs) to ensure that we could provide a well rounded mix of music from the punk genres that you just wont hear on am, fm, or satellite radio.

during the month of november listener reports showed we had over 151,000 listeners and the number just keeps climbing. rock the fuck on!

so anyways, to get around to the main event of this post i want to announce that podunk radio will be releasing it's first ever digital download compilation release. it will of course be free to download copy and distribute to your friends.

 not going to give out any hints as to who's on it just yet, but i promise you it will be a damn good representation of why i founded this station in the first place.


stay tuned in and keep checking the blog here for more details and as always support your local music scene.

thank you all and have a great 2012. i know we here at podunk radio intend to.


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