Sunday, December 18, 2011

Album Review: Koffin Kats - Our Way and the Highway.

The Koffin Kats
Our Way and the Highway.

It took just the first two tracks and i was hooked. i can already tell this is going to work its way into my top 10 most played list. "riding righ" ripped through my living room and i realized quickly that there just weren't enough decibles going on to justify this review. volume up, and "the way of the road" found that sweet spot inside my cranium lifting me out of the shit mood i am often in when i first wake up. the tempo changes throughout "severing ties" threw me for a loop, but hey, i'm fairly new to the psychobilly thing so i went with it and found it really wasn't a big distraction from the overall feel of the album. 

the songs are all very relateable, you get the feeling they are written from the heart, or what's left of it and it just has that overall complete feel to it - these kids didn't half ass anything here - they straight up said here we are love us or fuck yourself.

The energy in this album is just amazing. there were a couple of guitar solos that practically ripped my seat of my pants, if you're looking for a fast-paced move your ass cd - this is one to get for sure. i suggest, being as i'm a terrible reviewer, that you shake your ass on down to yoru local tunage shop and pick this up or grab it online once it's released January 24th. if you pre-order at you get plenty of sweet bonus material. pre orders through the site recieve  a bonus BLUE 7" vinyl (limited to 500 pressings)  featuring "way of the road" and "locket of sin" 

i really dug this album and can honestly say i have a newfound appreciation for the genre now and recommend this album to anyone just getting into psychobilly.


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