Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Free Music from Mexico City's Kurado. - PUNK-SKA!

Free Music is always a good thing kids! Hailing from Mexico City, Mexico is Kurado, a Punk-Ska band that serves up a unique blend of punk and ska mixed with just the right amount of Mexican spice!

Check them out on facebook at  facebook.com/el.kurado and be sure to tell them podunkradio.com sent you there.

Also don't forget to pick up the free digital album from their bandcamp page at http://kurado.bandcamp.com/

Support local music!

here's what the band had to say about themselves:
We are a band from Mexico City. We combine a punk rock influence with a cali vibe ska, the result: easy-to-listen but powerful songs. We have this CD on promotion now (Buenos Tiempos Forever), which is a compilation of previous songs under the band name of Kurado de Coco (that's an alcoholic drink served inside a coconut shell) that were re-recorded. We're soon releasing an album with brand new songs. 

That's about it,  the songs are in spanish but I think there are some translated lyrics somewhere in our facebook page: facebook/kurado.oficial or... facebook.com/el.kurado
Thanks, cheers.

ps. i apologize for the sloppy links - blogger was being stupid and not allowing me to make hyperlinks.. (do peopel still use that term anymore?)

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