Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Straight 6

The ol'e Straight 6! Power and economy all rolled into one compact space saving design. Much unlike yours truly.  6 weeks i've been doing this show now not long compared to so many other shows, but longer than  junior high romances.

I gotta tell you boys and girls, i'm so excited about the first song on this weeks show i had to rush out and pick up a bag of depends undergarments! Damn things are expensive as a clean call girl, i suspect i'll be rinsing them out and reusing them. Note to self: yellow in the front, brown in the back!

For those of you you that picked up last weeks wreck of a show i apologize. i just discovered this morning that it got clipped of at the 36 minute mark and you poor little things missed out on the rest of the show - well, never fear, i fixed the fuck up. re-uploaded the show and it's good to go - so go on and check your itunes again - and get the whole show this time.  -  If you dont have a hobby - i suggest you get ya one  - a good hobby will take a pile of shit of a week and turn it into a pile of puppies made of cotton candy and fucking rainbows kids. and fucking rainbows! what does it mean? what does it mean? it means todays show is going to kick your teeth out and replace them with carbon fiber implants - thats what it means!

 here's the list.

Youth of American the Wipers
Pull Out the Soft Pack
Cinderella the Sonics
Buzzkill the Saps
Box of Records Guniea Worms
The Ivy Green Ivy Green
Shoot the Moon Face to Face
Playin' it CoolTable Cell the Aquabats
Headshot the Ills
I Guess it's So/td> the Smut Peddlers
Divide and Conquer/td> Runnin' Riot
Hey Hey Yeah Yeah Boss Martians
Self Destruct the Methadones

Enjoy Y'all!


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