Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4- Bark

Diggity damn bitches it's another Wednesday! Happy hump day to you all. This weeks show is here, all shiny and new just for you! and you, and you....
i'd like to thank my daughter for this weeks cover art and show title. thanks pook, you done real good.

so now here's what you all really came for.. this weeks playlist:

Bonzo Goes to Bittsburg       - Wednesday Night Heroes 
Nobody Knows                    - Destroy all Monsters
Sugar                                    - Bikini Kill
Suggestion                            - Fugazi
123 Hate You                       - the Ills
I Was Runnin'                      - Si! Si! Si!
Your Hit is Shit!                   - Daze
What's Wrong with You?    - Thee Spives
Back Against the Wall        - the Circle Jerks
50's Lover Boy                   - Carbomb
Freedom                             - Spite
Lipstick                              - Red Flag '77
Judge and Jury                   - Special Duties
Because I Got High           - Afroman
Thrash Unreal                   - Against Me!
The Creeps                       - Social Distortion
No More Gigs                  - SubHumans
Banditos                           - the Refreshments

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