Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tampa, Florida's Pig Pen Releases Stream only Preview Track off their upcoming EP!


With a storied and somewhat checkered past that dates back to the last 17 years; Tampa, Florida based PIG PEN have made a name for themselves with their notoriously over-the-top (and sometimes explosive) live shows and catchy punk rock songs with lyrics that border somewhere between distasteful and obscene.

Since the very beginning, PIG PEN have made sure that those attending live shows should take notice of the band...whether they wanted to or not. The band commands attention, and they usually get it. Whether it's the band wearing their standard issue ski-mask with pig nose, the jock-strap clad guitarist blowing massive fire-balls, the beer bong or just the sheer energy the band won't be leaving a PIG PEN performance without something to talk about later.

A veteran of several Van's Warped Tours already (1998, 2005). PIG PEN have shared bills and rubbed elbows with such legendary heavyweights as NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Guttermouth and Anti-Flag. The band has toured the east coast of the US extensively in support of their two previous CD releases, countless compilation records and a few eXtreme sports videos while playing at almost any dump with a stage and electricity. In true D.I.Y. ethic, PIG PEN has even been known to play unprompted shows at 24 hour laundry mats when shows have fallen through on the road.

Pig Pen is:
Bob Noxious - Vocals & Guitar
Hambone - Bass & Vocals
Buster Hymen - Drums

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See them LIVE!

Upcoming Shows

Apr 26
Tampa Pitcher Show
Tampa, FL

May 10
Payne Skatepark
Sarasota, FL

May 23
Fubar Downtown
St Petersburg, FL

Jul 25
Fubar Downtown

St Petersburg, FL

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