Saturday, April 26, 2014

Skate Til You Die 2014


Why when fundraising would someone alienate most Christians from participating by slanting everything towards satan ? #fucktard #rocknroll 

Do you want to sponsor me for skate Til u die ? I'll be skateboarding 66 miles. If you pledge 10 cents a mile. You donate $6.66 u can pay pal to 
John the baker

7th Annual Skate Til U Die May 16-17-18 2014. raising money for The Orchid 
A music and skateboard friendly organic farm. 

ShitStarter Campaign donation levels. 

$6.66 satans slave level 10 cents a mile

$13.32 the Devil Horns donation 20 cents a mile

$20 the Threedom Fighter donation 30 cents a mile

$33 Kids Among The Fence donation 50 cents a mile. 

$66 Dancin with the Devil donation $1 a mile

$111 Satanspiracy donation $1.66 a mile

$333 Halfway to Hell donation $5 a mile 

$666.00 the Dark Lord donation $10 a mile

$777 the OMG John I'm scared for your immortal soul. $11.77 a mile 

Thanks for having fun with us and for helping to make skate Til u die 2014 the best year so far. Use this email for pay pal

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