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Pig Pen Post Pre-Order for NEW EP titled "Lobster Boy" TBR - April 29, 2014

With a storied and somewhat checkered past that dates back to the last 17 years; Tampa, Florida based PIG PEN have made a name for themselves with their notoriously over-the-top (and sometimes explosive) live shows and catchy punk rock songs with lyrics that border somewhere between distasteful and obscene.

Since the very beginning, PIG PEN have made sure that those attending live shows should take notice of the band...whether they wanted to or not. The band commands attention, and they usually get it. Whether it's the band wearing their standard issue ski-mask with pig nose, the jock-strap clad guitarist blowing massive fire-balls, the beer bong or just the sheer energy the band won't be leaving a PIG PEN performance without something to talk about later.

A veteran of several Van's Warped Tours already (1998, 2005). PIG PEN have shared bills and rubbed elbows with such legendary heavyweights as NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Guttermouth and Anti-Flag. The band has toured the east coast of the US extensively in support of their two previous CD releases, countless compilation records and a few eXtreme sports videos while playing at almost any dump with a stage and electricity. In true D.I.Y. ethic, PIG PEN has even been known to play unprompted shows at 24 hour laundry mats when shows have fallen through on the road. (from their facebook page)

Consisting of:
Bob Noxious - Vocals & Guitar
Hambone - Bass & Vocals
Buster Hymen - Drums

Pig Pen are a shining example of everything you want your punk band to be and everything you were afraid that it'd turn in to. And I say that in the nicest way possible. I've been aware of this band for several years now, They released Bleedin' Drinkin' & Stinkin' back in '96 and followed it in '00 with Short Bus Sing-A-Longs, a 14 track testament to their unique jackass, Junior High sense of lyrical humor ('Lil Nikki will always be one of my favorite guitar crunching  tracks)

Anyway, enough with the old, on to the new!

Lobster Boy is the long awaited, much anticipated return of Pig Pen to the studio.

Kicking off the EP with the title track, Lobster Boy starts this release off on a balls-to-the-walls note. I have no fucking clue what this track is about but I'm already chanting "LOBSTER BOY"  loudly enough to concern the other people in the house - I suspect that I'll be randomly chanting this off and on at the office tomorrow, possibly in response to any question asked of me because fuck those people! LOBSTER BOY!  

Track 2 Diarrhea & Febreeze comically addresses a situation we are all too familiar with, binging on food and drink that wrecks out gut and praying to any god that will listen that there will be something in the bathroom that will cover the stench only to find that now it smells like "Shit and Roses" to paraphrase the old '80's snot nosed bitch in the Glade commercials and ends on a classic loud, greasy shit audio clip - this is exactly why I never invited Bob Noxious to my house any of the times he came through Texas - I knew he'd wreck my bathroom.

Track 3 Go Die in a Fire - the title pretty much sums up the song - we can all relate - some of us may have even gone so far as to set someone's house on fire with them inside- but a grand jury couldn't prove it and neither can you - get fucked and mind your own damn business!
Someone pissed these guys off and they very blatantly let us know about it. 

The closing track Ass Clown is a fun little song that caught my attention with - you guessed it - a fat funky bass intro - This track shits on the everyday internet badass troll - we all know 3 or 500 of these useless pieces of scrotum debris and we all feel this way about them, Pig Pen was just kind enough to vocalize it to a guitar heavy soundtrack, for that they deserve ALL of our respect!

Lobster Boy is a great fast paced EP with plenty of punch and even more frustration and anger, I can only hope to one day be the subject of an angry Pig Pen musical rant. May you guys Grunt and Squeal long and hard into the future!

Also, big props to 
Mark Prator at Red Room Recorders in Ybor City (the mastering genius behind every Pig Pen release.

As always don't just take my word for it, preview the title track Lobster Boy here, right now, and you'll see what I mean when I say you shouldn't live without this EP

Check out Pig Pen on the facebook!

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