Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thick Tread - From The Neck Up - 2013 - Palmwood Music

I've noticing a trend lately. Texas is pumping out a lot of good  Great punk rock. Typically when you think Texas and punk rock you think Austin, Denton, Ft. Worth, or Dallas. 
 Thick Tread now enters the scene and shows us that the kids in San Angelo (Saggy Arms) have what it takes to represent the Lone Star State on the punk front. 

From the Neck Up is their debut release on Palmwood Music. 

15 tracks span a little over 30 minutes of quality musicianship, clearly identifiable vocals, and great punk rock music. 

Thick Tread is Drew (Grundle) Fish - vocals & Guitar, John (Freddy K) Rabb - lead guitar & vocals, Martin (Dude) Delgado - drums & vocals, Chad Harris - bass;  Gang Vocals are courtesy of Drew, Freddy, Martin, & Jeremy Guevara. I've had time to give this CD many  spins to get a real good feel for the album. The guitars are crunchy, beefy and fast, like a 3AM Taco Bell run - very satisfying. Chad and Martin urge the songs along in a quick paced fashion - thank Bob for a great rhythm section.

These songs are fast, aggressive, and fun. There is enough here to keep the mosh pit happy as well as the back of the room lurkers (word of advice - don't be a back room lurker - those dudes are dicks - you don't want to be a dick do you?) 

This album borrows sounds from bands like NOFX, MXPX, The Bouncing Souls and the guitars are very heavily influenced by Bad Religion. 

Loud, Fast, Rock & Roll is what you get on this album kids, very well worth the 12 bucks. Grab a copy today and check them out for yourself. - 

You're going to really dig track 8,  Rotten Stipulation.

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Notes from the official press release for Thick Tread:

Palmwood Music is proud to release the new Thick Tread record From The Neck Up. Thick Tread is a bludgeoning assault of Punk . It goes right for the throat. The songs are relentless, intelligent, blunt and catchy hardcore music raging at the speed of boiling oil. If you are looking for something loud, hardcore and fast, you have found it with Thick Tread.  Thick Tread is co-produced and engineered by Gary Laney. The record was recorded at Lakeside Recording in San Angelo, Tx. Gary was manager and chief engineer at Sound Emporium Recording Studios in Nashville, Tn. for 18 years. He did records with Trisha Yearwood, Keith Whitley, REM, Al Kooper, Green on Red, Jason & The Scorchers, Alan Jackson, New Grass Revival and Don Williams to name a few.

I dig the hell out of this album and hope these guys can get a show close enough to my shitstain town so i can see them live. 


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