Sunday, April 14, 2013

Forsaken Profits - Release new single Politrix Off upcoming Album Blood Money

Coming out of Atlanta, GA, Forsaken Profits are ex-members of Heroin Bomb, Last Hope Down,The Loose Skrews,The Unacceptables and 5 O'Clock Devil. Music that comes from the decaying souls of the ones who are fed up with the mundane and have the will to create a better world out of the ashes

Consisting of Tyler Capehart, Clay Lloyd, Brian Emery, Davis Lloyd, David Kemp; Forsaken Profits deliver a nice dirty punk rock sound with their new single Politrix. These kids picked up a few lessons from good old fashioned thrash punk and put them to good use.

Preview the New Single here and check out their video on YouTube.

These kids are for real and they mean business. A single this solid can only mean that one hell of a full length is around the corner. Keep up the good work guys, and Make Atlanta proud of ya.

Check them out of the facebook and on reverbnation

ji* - jacks insanity
the podunk punk 

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