Sunday, April 14, 2013

Social Trauma - Lies EP - 2013 - Self Release

The Punk Rock Gods are definitely smiling upon Social Trauma! Many attempts have been made at bringing back a genuine 80's Texas punk sound and many failures have resulted from such endeavors and then comes along this 3-piece act out of San Antonio with their debut EP Lies. These fuckers have hit every nail on the head, dotted every fucking "I" and crossed every god-damned "T" and produced what I'm going to go out there and pitch as the BEST PUNK ROCK RELEASE of 2013. 

Donald Shameless-Guitar/Vocals, Patrick "BasedGod" Simmons-Bass/Backup vocals, and  Christian Zukini- Drummer/Backup vocals deliver the kind of punk rock that makes you want to boot up and throw a nice big fit in a pit. 

The raw, energetic intensity, the blistering guitars, bastardized bass, and classic snot in throat vocals spew from this album like beer from a busted keg.  Hardcore thrash is their business and business is fucking good.

Track 3,  No Fucks Given  is by far the best track on the EP - the sad truth is, if more bands would take a genuine approach to this philosophy today's punk rock would not be floundering in the dirt  like a little sissy bitch that's afraid to get it's mohawk dirty.

I honestly can't thank Social Trauma enough for this offering. Stand the Lies EP up next to anything released by Car Bomb, D.R.I., The Dicks, or any other 80's punk act and it will prove itself to be worthy of the company. In the 90's some ass fuck declared punk rock was dead, well, if it's dead Social Trauma are the punk rock zombies hell bent on eating the face off of today's modern music industry.

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