Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Subtitles - I Am An Animal EP Released December 2012

The Subtitles - I Am An Animal EP
There is lot of sound coming from this 2-piece garage rock outfit hailing from Leicester; over there across the big water that is the Atlantic.

 The Subtitles are Jonney Buck - vocals/guitar (Preacher & The Kings, Wild Strawberries) Chris Smith - drums (ex-Different Fish) and apparently garage rock is their expertise and let me tell you, these dudes OWN it!

 From the start of I Am An Animal the guitars just rip into throes of a dirty rhythm and do not relent and the vocals just sound like they are being piped in from outer fucking space.

 This EP has everything you expect to hear on good garage rock album. the kids really nail their cover of Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? with the drums setting a perfect beat to follow to send your lady friend into a frenzy. Buck & Smith lend their talents to many great covers on this EP and unlike many cover efforts these dudes really hold their own weight and prove that it’s still possible to play someone else's songs and still make them unique.

 This is a solid EP with a lot of great covers. These cats can do the bird, they can do the dog and they can damn sure play fucking great music!

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Download this EP on bandcamp here during the name your own price offer. GO ahead and give it a listen, then download it for yourself! 

 I enjoyed listening to this one and foresee it being played many more times in the future!

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