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Album Review - Kramer - Here We Go

Self Released September 1, 2012 There’s these 3 kids out of the Tacoma/Olympia WA area named Brandon, Travis, and Spencer in a band called Kramer. They recently sent me a sweet little nugget of vinyl titled Here We Go; a 6 track E.P.
Kramer - Here We Go E.P. Cover art
Here We Go is the second release for this band; it is a follow up to their full length self-titled album that was released in 2011. Being familiar with the bands music and raw rock and roll sound I was happy as a pig in shit when I got this new E.P. in the mail.

From the get-go the title track of this record starts with big sound and only gets bigger and more dynamic as it plays along. Despite the bands disdain for being labeled, it is clear that these kids are a formidable garage-punk band. You just can’t have out of this world reverb and custom crafted vocals like these kids do without recognizing the influence behind it.
I LOVE this record! It’s just not something that you can sit still while listening to it; it implores you to get up and move. The guitars jangle appropriately, the cymbals crash just when you need them to, and Travis has that bass guitar smoking fucking hot!  

If you’re like me as soon as the closing track of the record, a surf inspired instrumental piece, is over you’ll be flipping this record over to have another go at it.

Overall opinion of this record is that it is damn fine piece of rock and roll with each song complementing the others. Everything just fits on this one. Nothing sounds out of place, It’s just a damn good, fun record to have.

I have just one problem with this record. It just isn’t long enough! I can’t wait until the next full length comes out!

You can pick this E.P. up for free (as well as their full length) over at bandcamp but I  tell ya, this is something you will WANT to pay for! Do yourself a huge favor and order a copy on vinyl! At just 5 bucks you can’t go wrong and they throw in the digital download along with the price of the vinyl - it’s shit like this that makes for a real stand up kinda act!
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