Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bush League - Discography (Re-Release) - Little Heart Records - April 2011

Bush League Discography (Re-Release)
Bush League's entire discography of songs before their 2010 reformation is available on this disc. Tracks off  Fetor 7" (Better Days Records), Sicko 7" (Better Days Records), Smut 7" (Better Days Records) is now available as a re-release from Little Heart Records

To be perfectly honest; I had never heard of Bush League until I got this cd in the mail so I did a little research on the band and discovered that they hail from the Louisville  KY area and have been performing since the late 80's and releasing records; starting with Fetor since 1991 and that they have been likened to other Louisville  bands such as  Maurice, Kinghorse, and Fading Out.I popped the cd into the laptop and my first thought was "Oh, shit, here's a Metallica rip-off band."  I almost ejected the disc and tossed it right then but had second thoughts and let it continue to spin. Good fucking thing that I did. Once i got beyond the initial mid 80's style intro riffs the band began to sound more like something I'd like to hear more from. A word of advise kids; DO NOT LET THE SLUGGISH RIFFS FOOL YOU! There's a lot more to this band than just deep crunching guitars. Black Flag starts to come to mind, John the Baker's band Fucktard comes to mind. Each E.P. has it's own distinct sound and style to it that just gets better with each progressing track. I went from "Fuck this" to "This is a keeper" really quickly and i promise you that you will hear few hardcore punk rock guitar solos better than the ones in Close. Genius fucking guitar work on this one. Polluted Sky brings the heavy riff back and just makes me want to be a teenager on a skateboard again. 

I'll tell ya, the more I listen to this disc, the more I appreciate it. I find something new that I didn't hear before. The lyrics just make better sense and I find myself wanting to pack my bong and take a trip into space with these songs. The twists from riff to hooks, the throaty, strained vocals, the flawless bass lines and ball shaking drums just combine to make some god damned good music.

I really hope that this re-release is an indicator that the band has reformed and working on touring (I know they recently performed live with the Lickers and Stealing Volume) and a new album sometime in 2013.

This is a great discography and priced at just 10 bucks for the physical copy or $9.99 on iTunes. Trust me kids, this is money well spent!

Give them a listen and hear it  for yourself!

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