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The Glory - The Best of the Glory - LAD Records October 10, 2012

The Glory,  out of Leicester UK, formed back in the early 80’s from the ashes of several other punk bands. For reasons known only to punk bands, the band broke up, reformed, swapped members and dissolved again more frequently than dogs sniff each others asses yet, somehow, during all this turmoil the band managed to record, but not release many good tracks

Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of making Nik “Tealeaf” Lavithi’s acquaintance via his solo project dubbed “Tealeaf” and was more than delighted to discover that he, along with Timo, Gaz, and Colin were going to re-re-form The Glory. Within just a few months of the guys getting back together they were re-recording and re-issuing previously recorded tracks much to the delight of fans of the UK punk scene such as myself. 

Nik recently sent me a copy of The Best of The Glory, Released on LAD Records. I must say, I was very impressed! Everything about this album captures the spirit, the sound, and the overall greatness of early UK punk rock and Oi!. The CD contains 12 tracks. Each track is a testament of how well these guys get it. No instrument of vocal takes precedence over the others, they all just blend in a  nice muddle of sound that compels you to give it another listen, and then another, and another. This CD is more than a collection of old punk rock tunes, it is a proving ground to this bands skill and determination. 

Album Front

Album Back

I admit that with the recent resurgence of old punkers getting back together to record new albums, that I had the “Oh this will be the same old, same old bit” mentality and I am happy to report that Lavithi and company pulled this reunion together the right way.

 Kudos to you gentlemen and congratulations on this amazing release! 

I love this album and look forward to your upcoming 3rd studio release and the possibility of you guys touring the U.S. sometime soon. Whatever fortunes you find from this endeavor, you've certainly earned it.

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