Saturday, October 13, 2012

Band of the Week - Social Class Drop Out (formerly Kid PA)

Social Class Dropout (formerly KID PA) started as an idea between Tommy and Steve when they were playing together in Superbuick. 

The idea was to put together a band that plays the music they both loved. Fast, melodic, and fun as hell to play. Tommy had a bunch of songs written and he and Steve started practicing. But, they needed a guitar player. 

So, who do they call right away....none other than Skot Shaub. Skot also
played in Superbuick, and still plays in the amazing Testosteroso. Skot decided he wanted to concentrate on Testo, so we looked into the Superbuick treasure chest and pulled out Bruce. So with a line up of good friends that wanted to play fast melodic punk rock, KID PA was born. 

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