Friday, October 26, 2012

Animal Train - Steel Rail Rider 7" Released September 12, 2011 on Soggy Dreams Music

First off, I’d like to state that Animal Train (formerly from Darby, PA; presently located in Austin, TX) is by far one of my favorite independent bands.  I highly respect that Rich and CJ maintain a strong D.I.Y. attitude and still manage to release records worth listening to.

Yes, this review is a over a year late, but in my defense my mailman just handed it to me along with an apology for just getting it to me. Seems he found it under the seat of his truck last week while cleaning it up. Go, Go Gadget Postal Service! Fuckers.

I was happy to find that side A begins with N.R.A. - my favorite track from Animal Train. A three minute and seventeen second ditty that explodes from the get go with thundering drums and roaring guitar work centered around gun control or the lack thereof. CJ’s vocals are classic CJ, raspy and and filled with passion and energy and i totally get off every time the band goes “OOOeeeOOOOOHH”

Off the Track is an expertly delivered  tale all too familiar with pretty much every kid in the punk scene backed by simple easy to follow riffs and the heavy drum you expect from Jeremy. 

Missed Adventures gallops onto Side B - a quick paced number with yet another good story told.

I think ending the record with Evil Behind the Wheel was a good call for AT i know from talking to Rich leading up to the recording of this album that he had been experimenting with new styles and sounds on his guitar work and I think he really nailed it on the Wah-Wah/Slide combo.

I love this band and always look forward to a new release from them. They work hard at what they do and they do it rather well. Keep Rocking, Animal Train - I see good things for you guys in the future. 

Overall - my opinion of this record is fucking great! if you don’t own it, you should. AT are damn good at making punk rock records and you need at least one of theirs in your collection and it should be this one right here. Grab a copy today and enjoy the shit out of it, I know I certainly have!

jacks insanity
Steel Rail Rider 7" - Animal Trail - Soggy Dreams Music

Powder Blue VInyl.

Track listing:
Side A

  1. N.R.A.
  2. Off The Track

Side B

  1. Missed Adventures
  2. Evil Behind The Wheel

The band lineup for this record is 
CJ - Vox
Rich - Guitar
Chris - Bass
Jeremy - Drums

Artwork by Chris Davis Album recorded at Spitshine Studios in Austin, TX.

Available for purchase at Interpunk for just $4.50 - a total fucking steal btw...


  1. i got this. and its gooooooooooooood....

  2. Screaming over noise made by idiots is not music. This animal train shit sucks.