Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Enders are preparing to get into the studio March 18, 2012 to record their first full length album titled "The Ruins Of Ambition"

As any band knows, sometimes touring and e.p. sales alone don't quite cover the cost of recording and producing an album, and these Indiana boys are going all out to give you, the fan, the best they can offer.

They will step into the Sonic Iguana Studios (think the Methadones, Moral Crux, Anti- Flag, Rise Against, etc..) where they will guided by the very capable hands of the legendary Mass Giorgini who has done amazing work with the Queers, Rise Against, Anti-Flag and many more of the punk bands you all know and love (or secretly hate).

Benny and the boys are planning on spending the afternoon with us here at today beginning 3pm cst, hosted by the notorious Glendale Punk, in order to promote this endeavor and even rewarding donors with special a special prize pack. For a limited time (while supplies last) for every $25.00 donation you will receive their original e.p.; now retied and out of print, 2 stickers, and a button to proudly wear on your jacket into the next pit you find yourself in as well as securing a pre-order of the forthcomign album. AND will be kicking in prizes as well (we have lots of neat things stored away here in studio 13500) Donate what you can, every penny counts.

And now, here's a little info about the band;

Genre: punk hardcore, hardcore punk. something like that.
Benny No-Good - guitar and vocals
Canadian Pete- bass and backing vocals
Omar Villarreal- drums and backing vocals
Former Enders:
Sam Koch- bass
Kyle Martin- drums
Chris Parker- drums and saving the day
Hometown: Lafayette, In
Record Label: Unrepentant Records
About: EST. 2009.
Description: We play punk rock that sounds sorta hardcore... or hardcore that sorta sounds punk rock... whatever, it's all semantics.
Biography: Established in late 2009. Hardcore flavored punk rock or Punk Rock flavored hardcore... we don't play to fit any notion of labeling. A few growing pains later, we're on Unrepentant Records and touring. It's what we do.
Current Location: Indiana
General Manager: self-managed
Influences: Caffeine, angst, and every punk-Oi-hardcore band you ever heard.
Band Interests: Making songs and playing them for you. Being loud. Getting out there and being at the shows, meeting people and other bands, making new fans and friends.
Press Contact:
Booking Agent: also handled in-house

The Enders. Doing what they do best.

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