Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bandit 66 - Bekasi Indonesian

Bandit 66 is a hardcore punk band that started in 1999 with members Fosil, Burhan, Iqbal, Adit. Due to Deaths in prisons and violence in the streets the band now consists of members Tommy on guitar and vocals, David bass and backing vocals and Genk on drums.

They started the band when they were studying together at the Faculty of International Relations at the UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta.
 They often see injustice in their country and they protest through their music. The band has been thorough many obstacles since 1999 however they remain to be creative and keep fighting against the system that oppresses and they shout their protests to the world through their music that they were damaged by the rotten bureaucrats they keep trying to be honest, work hard and will not follow the market as they are individuals in the world and will continue to be creative and protest through their music.
Which comes to their theme song Street Violence this describes everything about the journey of their life, social criticism, rebellion and how to survive.

Their song Blast Off tells about their members and how they were framed after smoking marijuana with a friend, after two months in prison they lost a band member (RIP) Adit, the song also tells about violence in their streets and how to survive in their country and perhaps in other countries like theirs.
Bandit 66 has many Friends and influences including Dewan Jendral, Human Chaos, Shotern Baech Terror, Kameradz, Warwet, and Residivis.
They like spending their free time jamming out with Bekasi Cyber Punx, Pandawa Street Crew, Warbong and many more.
Bandit 66 have their own Record Label they like to call it ”The Inner Self”
They have several good songs you can hear soon on PoDunk Radio Rotation
You can also hear the band tracks at ReverbNation
You can contact the band on facebook