Friday, May 9, 2014

Skate Til you Die 2014

Skate Til you Die 21014 still needs just $113.32 to reach their fundraising goal of $1,666. This year they are raising $ for The Orchid. 

The Orchid is a 55 acre organic family farm and sustainable living community recently opened near Santa Barbara Ca. 

Founded by skateboarder Mike Taylor, a long time employee of Powell Peralta and Bones Wheels, Mike has opened the Orchid up for skateboarders and touring musicians to have a spot between LA and SF to rest, enjoy the ocean and or to play a free show on their stage. 

There are skate ramps, greenhouses and a telescope set up on the beach. 

Skate Til you Die supports regular people doing extraordinary things and The Orchid is a great example of this. 

The Orchid doesn't have a website, all info is word of mouth friends telling friends because instead of spending time on the computer their hands are in the dirt, their feet are on skateboards and their hearts are filled with music.

Please join us in supporting this great effort to create a beautiful space with the intention to create a better world to live in. 

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