Sunday, May 11, 2014

PoDunk Radio - Week of April 11, 2014

This week we updated our website a bit more - we are always tweaking this thing, kids. Every Show now has it's own page - Just click on the show icon on the main page to check out the shows and their podcast archives.

Skitzo Joel is bringing his 


back to PoDunk Radio! That's right kids you can catch Joel every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday from 7-9pm (UK Time) 1-3 Texas time, 2-4 East Coast. Joel is a HUGE fan of chat room and listener interaction - so we added a chat room just for him! click the "Bastard Club" icon on our main page to access the Bastard Club page and chat. Not sure what time that is in your time zone? Neither are we! thankfully there's this hand-fucking-dandy time zone converter!


This week's  
 Geezus Cryst & Free Beer, Murder Party!, CRINGE, 
and The Hypnic Jerks


Punk Band Promotions Band of the Week is Canadian act M.S.A. (MIllions of Smashed Assholes). Click the Band of The Week Link above to find out more about them and grab their FREE DOWNLOADS! DOn't forget to tune in to Loud, Fast, Shitty this week at 7pm (Texas time) to hear their interview with M.S.A.! 

Arm the Pit's Battle of the Bands continues on pitting 9ine Foot Squirrel against  New Bomb Authority - If you have not voted yet this week click the link at the top of our site and get your vote in! 

In addition to great new tunes, shows, and a minor face lift we also upgraded some of our back-end hardware this weekend - a new broadcast computer to hopefully bring you a better sounding PoDunk Punk Show beginning this week. 

And Speaking of the PoDunk Punk Show - This week, in addition to Punk Band Promotions Band of the Week and Arm The Pit's Battle of the Bands, and our Featured FREE DOWNLOADS, we will have great tunes from Officer Down (look for a new album out of them this summer - We have a track off that album!), Token Entry, and well you can't have any Token Entry without bringing the Gorilla Biscuits in on the action so we have some tunes from them as well!  Vicki Vortex and the Cumshots sent us some tunes, as did Mongrel, Ideas Into Action, and Canadian Punk band P.C.Pure


45 tracks for a total of 2 hours and 3 minutes this weeks kids! 
Tune in at 12pm Texas time and check out all this great new punk rock! 

can't be at your computer?
check us out on the 

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