Friday, July 6, 2012

CALLIE'S CAUSE ON THE SLIEONE SHOW (bands and talk about callies cause) FRIDAY JULY 13

Justin Slieone will be airing a very special episode of The Slieone Show, airing the bands from this event below.   The Callie's Cause episode will be an episode of promotion of all bands on the bill, talk with Callie's mom, Heather about the history behind Callie's Cause and maybe get some donations to add to the pot.  We will have our normal layout of Slieone being an asshole and his wife telling him to watch his mouth about their personal life and we replace Sex with the Slieones with more kid friendly talk.  We show our love for Callie and support Callie's Cause. 

Click the image below to donate to Callie's Cause and support this sweet little girl!

In 2009, when Callie Swintosky was just 4 yrs old, she suffered 3 debilitating strokes due to viral encephalitis. These strokes left Callie blind, and unable to speak. She is such a fighter, and continues to make progress everyday with the help of daily therapy, and the love and support of her parents, Eric and Heather. Callie is in need of a costly stem cell transplant that she cannot yet get because it is not offered in the U.S. She also will benefit from an extensive brain therapy program. Both of these treatments will aid in healing Callie's stroke areas & allow her to see & speak again! Callie's Cause does multiple fundraisers and is accepting donations to help with the cost of these programs not only for Callie but for other children & their families in similar situations. 

Join us at the Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore, Md on July 21, 2012 as we try to raise money for this family!

Songs played include:
Ame Bumpkin- Slieone Show Theme
The Firecrackers- Heart Smash
The Firecrackers- Rock With Me
The Snallygasters- Charm City Vinyl
The Snallygasters- Bells of Hell
Rutabaga Suicide- Sleep Song
Rutabaga Suicide- Carrie Fischer
*TV with the Slieones*
Final Transmission- A Reason
Final Transmission- Don't Know Why
Stillborn- Booze Jam
Stillborn- Teenagers from Mars
Dead End Lane- Natural Born Sinners
Dead End Lane- Sheila
Trashkanistan- Good Luck
Trashkanistan- We Roll Sloppy
The Bloody Muffs- Gotta Go!

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