Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blackmarket Syndicate - And the Peasants Rejoiced! Times Up Records

And the Peasants Rejoice Released April 21, 2012.

Blackmarket Syndicate hails from Houston, TX.  They formed in 2007.

And the Peasants Rejoiced is the 2nd full length album from Blackmarket Syndicate. Produced by Johnny Rioux of Street Dogs this 11 track album is complete testament to this band's musicianship.

I'll start by saying (setting my Texas patriotism aside) that this is a god damned great album! From start to finish And the Peasants Rejoiced draws you in keeps you firmly rooted in the music. This is thirty-two minutes of my life I don’t regret and could happily relive over and over again. While each track is unique in its own way they all come together seamlessly establishing an anthem for an anthem of the common man. Unlike most albums - there isn’t a single foul track here. Blackmarket Syndicate is singing it like they live it and their message is loud and clear! They came to rock and rock they did. Their songs speak volumes about their life experience as regular working class Joes determined to live their dreams. I like this album so much i am tempted to make the seven hour drive down to Houston and buy them all a beer. Sucks for them i can’t drive, there goes your free beers dudes.

My personal favorite track off the album is Unknown Fate. The line “And tomorrow it starts all over again, with a burning cigarette and an unknown fate” perfectly described every day of my life while the rest of the song reminds me of my own experiences (from youth) in a band playing shows in living rooms, crashing in strangers houses and just hoping to make enough money at one show to make it to the next and maybe grab a bite to eat between. These kids live punk rock and for that i salute them!

Don't just take my word for it - Preview some tracks for yourself at their ReverbNation page.
And the Peasants Rejoice is availble in both vinyl and digital formats directly from their website as well as all major online retailers.

Jacks Insanity aka - the PoDunk Punk

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