Friday, June 22, 2012

Tulu ( One of The Original Queers ) Talks with Slieone

Friday night at 8 PM Eastern time

Hope to see you all in the Podunk  chat room

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Tulu ( John Truth)

He helped write/played on a Day late Dollar Short, by The Queers
He helped write/played on The Drunken Cholos album
He is the front man for The Monsignors
He has a new project Called New Hymns by John Truth(Tulu)

Interview and music

I want cunt - The Queers
Fagtown - The Queers
Nothing to do - the Queers

Judys gone - The Monsignors
You're so pretty - The Monsignors

Wimpy goes to college -Drunken Cholos
I want chinese food - Drunken Cholos
Caught smoking pot -Drunken Cholos
I spear the rear - Drunken Cholos

New Hymns - John truth(Tulu)

Shes coming back - (Tulu) John Truth
Kristie Kristie - (Tulu) John Truth
Two Room Hospital (Tulu) John Truth
Been So cold (tulu ) John Truth
Will You marry me , Darling

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  1. You did a helluva job on this interview Justin. A lot of good insight on John here from where he's been to where he's headed. His new album is very raw and pointed. His songs and the style in which he sang them showed us a man that has surpassed ego and landed in the realm of wisdom.