Monday, June 25, 2012


Invite your Friends! This is my first completely solo podcast for The Slieone Show at . It will air at 10 PM EST on Monday, June 25th.

Song lineup is as follows:

Desensitised: Bad Reputation (Cover)
Husbands 'N' Knives: Domestic
Sizemores: Kenny Powers
Shark Week: Red Tarps and Green Burritos
The Cock Blocks: Ditz
New Rochelles: This is my LJ
Evil O'Brians: Even Monsters Need Some Love
He Man Woman Haters: Faded Memories
Desensitised: What was I Thinking?
Kobanes: Pizza Party!
McFlys: Come on Pretty Baby
The Promdates: Go Gorilla
Manges: Back to the Training Camp
Braceface: AWOL Girl
Scutches: Sleep Around Sue
The Zits: Flower Girl
The Zits: Surfing Holiday
Shark Week: Pizza Club Cowboys
The Bloody Muffs: Harold Camping Had a Stroke
Maid of Ace: Dickhead
Maid of Ace: Dirty Girl
Husbands N Knives: Knee Jerk Reaction
Biters: Electric Nights
Murderburgers: Sickness in my Head
The Bumpkins: You Gotta Go

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