Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tonight! PATAC Records (Tune in Sunday, March 25 at 9pm cst)


I recently caught up with Dan PATAC of, can you guess?? PATAC Records for an interview via email, here's what he had to say.
How long has PATAC Records been around?
Since 2008, 4 years.

What got you interested in starting your own label?
I worked for a record store for close to ten years, which of course turns you into a pretentious record collector nerd/critic, so the idea of starting a label was an idea that was in the back of my mind for a long time.  The label itself started in 2008, when I heard the demo recording of my friends' band REVILERS, this would eventually become my first release, the ISOLATION EP.  The idea was to start a label with no clear-cut boundaries, a truly punk label in the vein of Alternative Tentacles, Amphetamine Reptile, etc.  Whether it is hardcore, punkrock, metal, crust, garage rock, whatever, if I like the record, I want to release it.

Over the course of time I worked at the record stores, I saw the environment change, CD sales withered up and died, vinyl resurgence and the rise of the digital download, which I still don't truly understand.  I am a collector, nothing beats the feeling of going to a show, checking out the distro table and blindly buying some records with skulls on the covers.  The packaging, the color of the vinyl, the production, the inserts, everything... this is something that cannot be replicated by an mp3, for this reason, moving forth, I intend to include a digital download with the record for portability's sake.

What does PATAC Records look for when signing a new band?
When 'signing' a band, I need to stand behind them 100%, if I don't understand or back a band fully, they're not a PATAC band.  I'm looking to release great records that kick ass, are limited and geared towards TRUE music enthusiasts, I'm not looking to cash in on the latest trend and especially not cluttered with a bunch of tired political rhetoric.  The world is going to shit, I'm pretty sure that most people listening to my releases are aware of that, the last thing I want to promote are a bunch of trustfund 'upper-crustie' babies dressing up and donning a stupid costume and recycling old CRASS lyrics.  There's a reason why I released each record, PanzerBastard for my love of d-beats and flying v's, Executioner since they are the best 'class of 82' hardcore band that was never properly documented, AxCx... though controversial, my friendship with Seth Putnam, our shared love of Negative Approach, similar 'no holds barred' senses of humor and their total embodiment of a true DIY band, made releasing their FUCKIN A album a no brainer.

What do you dig about being in the music industry?
Through running the distro and meeting great bands, I came in to contact with Deceased, Rawhide, Strong Intention, Fistula, the list goes on.  The most satisfying part of doing the label, has been befriending these bands and working with them to promote and open new opportunities for everyone involved, I cannot be more grateful for this.

What can we expect from PATAC Records in this year?
Expect a ton of new releases this year, I just recently released the REVILERS full length so it's cool to see things go back to the band that caused me to get the label off the ground, they just recently opened for a sold out show with the Dropkick Murphys in Boston and playing a gig with hardcore legends SLAPSHOT, Panzerbastard (PATAC labelmates) and For The Worse (of which I released a split 7" back in 2009.)  Before that I released Rawhide from Sweden, a 12" from Fistula, a split 7" with Rampant Decay and Kruds and a 10" from Panzerbastard.  Up next, I have a 7" from STRONG INTENTION featuring vocals from Mike IX Williams from EYEHATEGOD, as well as full lengths from Rampant Decay and Fast Death.

You can find out more about PATAC Records and browse their online catalog here
PATAC Records Web Store
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