Sunday, March 11, 2012

Basement Records Promo tonight at 9pm cst Hosted by Jacks Insanity


how long has basement records  been around?

Been around for about 11 years. Started the label in early 2001.

what got you interested in starting your own label?

Had been working for a local indie label but they weren’t going in the direction I was hoping too. So I decided to branch out a start Basement Records on my own and use the connections I had from working for that label as well as the people I had met playing in my band at that time. Started my own publishing company about 5 years later along with buying a rehearsal and recording studio (I have since sold the rehearsal studio but still do recordings, producing and mastering at my own place in La Habra).

Basement Records on Facebook.

are you involved in any foundations/charities?

Im not too involved with anyone specific. I do however always contribute records, & other things to a lot of college radio stations and fund raisers. We’ve also done a few things here and there with local schools and their music programs, Ive had students come to my studio and earn school credits and things like that. Have had special needs kids come in and do what I can to help them. Its amazing how music affects people in different ways, that’s always a pleasure.

what do you look for when signing a new band?

There’s a number of things, aside from the obvious (can they play, write songs, and sound good). Is the band personable, are they dedicated and professional. And by professional I don’t mean you have nice gear, I mean do they show up on time, don’t come up with excuses and are generally really good people. I can teach someone how to play a guitar part I can’t teach someone not to be an asshole. haha

are you looking to sign new bands?

I always have my eyes open, but having been doing so much producing the last couple years, Im not as actively out looking. Although that could change on any given moment. But like I said I tend to work with people Ive built a relationship. I appreciate the bands who I demo’d stuff for a couple years ago only to see them come in the studio now and work with me and have the whole ball of wax together. That’s a lot more comforting than just signing a band I get a good mp3 sent to me in an email.

have you ever just gotten sick of music? briefly explain.

I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten sick of music, but I do tend to distance myself from it from time to time. Especially on my free time, I’m a big sports nut and follow baseball, basketball, football, mma, etc. I listen to more sports talk radio then any rock station. It keeps me more focused on things when I am in the studio or working on a release. I think playing is harder to keep focused than the business side. I mean doing my band thing with Bullet Treatment is a lot harder to deal with than day to day operations of Basement Records. I think that’s why Bullet Treatment sounds the way it does gives me the total release to play fast and aggressive and get some tension out.
Bobot Adrenaline on stage
Bullet Treatment, live

how would you define the basement record  sound?

For the most part it’s been straight up punk rock for the last ten years, but I think I’m starting to mix things up a bit. Having the publishing company and working with a slew of non punk related acts I’ve started to consider releasing something a little off base here and there. For instance on the new digital comp. (the Free one you get if you like us on Facebook) the last track is from a project called Revolving Door and it’s all acoustically based music and really good stuff, so I’m planning on releasing that album hopefully within the next year.
Fiction Reform
Killing California
the Scarred

anything else of interest you would like to share..

Please check out Facebook and our website, let everyone know that you can always email and ask questions whether it is in regards to the label, studio, band or whatever. I always make it a point to answer all questions (even if it takes me some time). Appreciate it!

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