Thursday, October 6, 2011

Total Confusion - New Album Out

I was pleased as punch recently to open my email and find message from Pat Crawford of Total Confusion that included tracks off the new album Politcis Murdered Christ.
Here's a short bio on the band he included as well as links to more about this great band.

"Total Confusion,  a barnsley, south yorkshire, england based band 1979 - 1984....Now reformed, alas! via the internet. Band members arranged to meet, drink, talk, drink & catch up on ones selves & drink after years of drinking, wondering, seeking, searching & feed the need to actually get their crap back together, may I add over a good honest pint! . . All Brother's in arms from rough Council estates, South Yorkshire, UK. 
 'Fusion' were nonetheless a solid Punk band with focus, belief, drink & attitude within that time & era (Yeah thats right, the time when Maggot Hilda Roberts Thatcher ruined!)...Their very last performance being a communal miners strike welfare concert in 1984, shortly afterward the group disbanded. 
 2009 saw more booze & a one off reunion to perform an outdoor 'all dayer' event to which drinks gratefully received & much support from faces past & present, consequently brushed the old cobwebs aside, sparked positivity & subjected the band, minds, matter & clasping of a pint pot to continue from where they left off.... 
 A new 6 track CD ep was recorded in 2010 and an album recorded in 2011 - Politics Murdered Christ - 12 tracks of punk rock music!"


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