Monday, October 3, 2011

3 Way Ricochet ***New Interview***

3 Way Ricochet ***New Interview***:

3 Way Ricochet are an awesome Psychobilly/punk band out of Apple Valley, CA. They have played some great live sets and shared the stage with some pretty awesome bands. They also appeared on a comp. They are an awesome all around and really worth hearing. I got the band to tell their story...

Introduce yourself...

We are 3 Way Ricochet. We're from Apple Valley, California. Members are:

Laura Prieto-Lead vocals, Upright bass

Tommy Whittle-Lead vocals, guitar

Matt Burdick-Drums

How did the band start?

We were in other bands together, and we just like the way we play together, so we started this band.

How did you come up with the name?

We were watching an episode of the show "Myth Busters", about the myth of a bullet being able to ricochet in three different directions, and we made the joke that it was a "three way ricochet." We liked the sound of it, and made it our name.

Who would you say are your influences?

Weed, booze and our instruments.

What is the punk scene like in So. Cal?

It depends on where you go.

Describe the song writing process...

It varies, but basically whoever comes up with something first, then we will all add to it.

What have you released?

Right now, we're on a compilation being put out by Rawk N Roll Records called "Cadillac Comp. Vol. 2", which will be out sometime this year.

Who are some of the bands you have done shows with?

Nekromantix, Left Alone, Koffin Kats, Jerry Lee Lewis, Frenzy, Bitchfits, Graveyard Drifters, Three Bad Jacks, Royal Crown Revue and more.

Do you prefer to do shows at large venues or small clubs?

We like it both ways.

Have you toured?

No, we've traveled to Nevada and Arizona though for shows.

Is there a favorite band you like to do shows with?

The Chop Tops.

Is there a favorite place you like to do shows at?

Paddy O'Reilly's in Banning, CA and the Bud Pharm.

Do you see is the future of 3 Way Ricochet?

Our future looks bright.

How can people contact the band?

Our band email is, we're also on Myspace, at, and we're on facebook under Threeway Ricochet.

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