Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i Refuse to Drink the Kool-Aid!

One day, loyal listeners, one day i will pull off a show without a hitch. but until then you get this. Great show today! tons of listeners, new fans on facebook, im super fucking excited!
so here's the show...

and here's the list.
dance motherfucker, dance the violent femmes
devils' dance floor flogging molly
let's dance the ramones
(dance the) tango the adicts
jay's rap jay and silent bob
prayer for a realist g.b.h
in my headache knife fight
go insane lower class brats
rock n roll face the penetrators
i don't care against the grain
they saved hitler's cock angry samoans
open up your eyes animal train
you ain't the boss of me bantam rooster
away from the crowd the beatdowns
rebel girl bikini kill
'reck a nowhere anit-nowhere league
fuck hollywood anti-heroes
fuck emo cheap sex
henry rollins is no fun chixdiggit
pipes and pipes pipes and pints
wanna kill livermortis
city's on fire before dishonor
guns before butter gang of four
london calling the clash
disaster confuse
small, bent and ugly crucial dudes
disconnected face to face
world up my ass circle jerks
i just wanna skank circle jerks
i got your number cock sparrer
bitchin' camaro dead milkmen
big lizard in my backyard dead milkmen
bitches aint shit dr. dre
los angeles is burning bad religion

enjoy. til next week.


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