Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Episode 12! Two Full Hours!

Yes, Yes, Yess!!!! Episode 12, the first 2 hour episode of the Po-Dunk Punk Show has happened! After a glitch with my music library i managed to pull the whole show off with just a mere 1 or 2 % of my actual music library! This weeks topics included (but weren't limited to) Freegans, Obesity, Fictitious Band names, Mike Wontor and his Red, Black & Blue Radio Show  - he's looking for a co-host.. ring him up. 
I spoke of the upcoming, impending Zombie Apocalypse , Dogs and their balls, and variosu other topics of interest.
so anyway, here's the show dammits.

and here's the track list. (it's long this week)
Hokey Fuckin' Pokey Psychostick
Rocker Anti-Nowhere League
Natural Man the Dirtbombs
C.H.U.D. Photon Torpedoes
Put Me Together Weezer
My Dad vs. P.M. Chixdiggit!
Flush the Bouncers Wasted Youth
Hit & Run Schoolgirl
Crack in the Ice Beef Trust
Sensations Fix United Mutation
From out of Nowhere Driller Killer
Honey, I'm Too Old For You Jack Oblivion
Breaking Through Before Dishonor
Just Lust the Buzzcocks
Mr. Suit the New Bomb Turks
Forbidden Planet Teenage Bottlerockets
I Wanna Kill Livermortis
I Aint Worried Rancid
You're a Jerk Wasted Youth
Surf Mongol Lost Alcapuco
A Man Can't LIve Forever Channel 3
Terrible Sunrise Michael O'Neal
the Passenger Iggy Pop
Miserable Switchblade Justice
Flammable the Soft Pack
I Don't Wanna Look
Like No Ramone
Latex Novelties
Zipper UK Vomit
Diater Confuse
Dealer Mike Crust
Angel Fuck the Misfits
Inna Godda Di Vida Dresden 45
(?????) the Aquabats
me talking jacks insanity

Until next week, peace out bitches!

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  1. Nice Playlist! Can't wait to hear it - downloading now....