Monday, September 3, 2012

Punks for a Princess releases track info for upcoming compilation

Punks for a Princess Brass Knuckle Logo T-Shirt

Punks for a Princess are a fundraising group based out of Providence RI, founded after the passing of 7 year old Kaitlyn Ferra.

Punks for a Princess have raised money for a memorial, the 3 Rivers Wet Team, which is a water rescue team from New Hampshire to purchase rescue equipment.

A Wish Come True, which is a local charity in Rhode Island and Massachusetts that grants wishes to kids with life threatening Illnesses. 

And they have raised money to get cochlear implants for a little girl named Trinity, she was born deaf and the implants will help her fulfill her life-long dream of being able to hear.

Punks for a Princess is a great group of individuals determined to help make a difference.
To learn more about this organization please visit their blog or facebook page.

You can help them out by picking up a T-Shirt of a copy of their first compilation disc

Now for the track listing (in no particular order.)

BarRoom Heroes - Shit out of luck (unreleased)

Cheech - Whiskey Strength (from their upcoming release)
Death & Taxes - 40 Miles of Bad Road (unreleased)
Drunk Robb & The Shots - Brother (Unreleased)
Kilmaine Saints - Wearing of the Green
Murder State - Barfight (Unreleased)
Taxi Driver - Pride (from their upcoming release)
Scattergun - Lordy
The Beat Dolls. - Listen & Learn (from their upcoming release)
The Bruisers - Borrowed Time (Live, Unreleased)
The Doll Eyes - Getaway (Unreleased)
The Gonads - Franken Skin
The Scally Cap Brats - Take a Shot

Vice Squad - TBD
Reason to Fight - TBD (from their upcoming release)
The Mahones - TBD

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