Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review - Spiderface - "Nobody's Safe" Released August 4th 2012 on Unrepentant Records.

Spiderface is a  5 piece [X-Rated] Nekro-Punk  band out of Seattle, Washington consisting of:

Way Out Westes - Vox
Danger Dayne - Drums
Spiderface Dave - Lead Guitar
Blue Christ - Rythym Guitar
Alrachnoid - Bass

Nobody’s Safe” is their second full length album released to date. In addition to 13 bad ass tracks the CD includes 2 videos of the track “That Kinda Girl”, a 3D and 2D version and includes 3D glasses affixed to the back of the CD for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I got pleasure from watching the video. Spoiler alert! Sexy Stripper nun violating a crucifix and bible. Super hot!!!

Rock Necro is the opening track of the CD. It definitely sets the mood for the next 45 minutes. At just 12 bucks, this is a CD worth having in your collection even if you aren’t a
Horror-Punk fan. These kids put together a great release here. The music is hard hitting, fast paced and intense and the lyrics are just plain fun in an junior high “revolting” kind of way.

pick up a copy today at CD Baby
or directly through Unrepentant Records and be sure to tell Jim that PoDunk Radio sent ya!

My overall opinion of this CD is that is just plain bad ass!
Track Listing:

1) Rock Nekro
2) Snatcher
3) Ass Fiends From Sodom
4) Monster Hop
5) Death Dong 1
6) Sinister
7) 2 Face
8) Mind Control
9) Glory Hole
10) Spiderface II
11) Stranger Tonight
12) That Kinda Girl
13) Creampie (Bonus Track after gap)

You can find the Band on Facebook here as well as ReverbNation here. Check out some of ther older stuff here.

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