Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ready, steady, go.. Yo!Scunt Damaged Goods and Gravy Sweat Review. (yes, a few months late)

got a package from yo!scunt out of queens, ny. yesterday. several copies of the new cd damaged goods and gravy sweat, t-shirt, stickers and show flyers. of course the first thing i did was rip the cellophane off one of the cds and popped it into the ole computer to give it a listen. i knew from the submissions that yo!scunt had previously sent in to the station that i'd not be diassapointed [you can currently hear (doing lotsa) fucking drugs, angry #62, bi-polar girl, i was a kid in special ed., as well as what the fuck? in general rotation here on podunkradio.com] 
the new album released (mid/late 2011) damaged goods and gravy sweat was released on freakhouse records is packed with bad ass tunes. 18 tracks in just over 33 minutes, i didn't want the damn thing to stop playing. 

album opens with (doing lotsa) fucking drugs, a ripping ass, high energy song bound to get kids in the pit and sets the mood for the rest of the cd. yo!scunt aren't fucking around when they call themselves a hardcore band. Christopher (thee wailing-siren) fronts the band masterfully with his gravelly throat while drizzle von scuntface delivers basslines that make me want to just throw my bass in the garbage. seamus is  in the back just beating the shit out of his drums like a hooker that bit his cock and paulie mccartney is just over ther going off on his guitar, dude seriously is just getting the fuck off on his guitar. 
album actually makes you do this in yoru room.

for me, the album really picks up on track 10] honky spic nigger slope. from this track on the mood of the album changes. whereas the first 9 tracks were great, you really get a feel for the intensity of the band and thier love of what they do in the remaining tracks, at this point i had to take the headphones off and blast this shit throught the studio monitors. the energy in this release is phenominal and demands a follow up release.  (ok, i demand a follow up release) 

i really dig the shit out of this album and if you haven't picked a copy up for yourself i highly reccomend you grab a copy soon. if you can't like damaged good and gravy sweat you're not worth sharing air with.

check out yo!scunt on reverbnation and facebook and most importanty support independent punk rock - BUY THIS ALBUM!  punks gotta eat too.

yo!scunt is:
CHRISTOPHER: Thee Wailing-Siren, pasta sauce, soda-jerk, haikus.
DRIZZLE VON SCUNTFACE: Bass, hand ball, self-tat, vox.
SEAMUS:Drums, bike, voice of reason.
PAULIE Mc CARTNEY: Guitar, beer, vox, mayhem.

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