Monday, November 7, 2011

i hate to say it...

but i've resorted to having to moderate the chat here.
i dared to think that i could create a place where like minded individuals could congregate and treat each other with something that could have even remotely been considered respect and i was proven wrong.
so now i have had to resort to moderating the chatbox and removing people that have nothing better to do that reenact their favorite episodes of jerry springer or 9021-trailerpark bullshit. i personally am a HUGE advocate of your freedom of speech - im also a HUGE advocate of you being smart enough to know when to shut the fuck up and quit pissing in everyone else's kool-aid. i built this website to promote bands not your bullshit, ok?
not to fear though loyal listeners, it's not like im walking in here with an iron fist or anything, but to those of you that have continued to run off listeners for the past few weeks, you have been and will continually be shown the way out.

i dont spend my HARD EARNED money and time here with this just so you can shit in my efforts to help the punk scene.

i genuinely do give a flipping fuck about these bands and their efforts to be listened to by a larger audience than the local pub.

eat shit, die, whatever makes you happy just don't try pulling it in here you fucks.



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