Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Enders Announce 2011 Tour Dates

Alright! Less than 2 weeks until we leave a 2100 mile path of destruction across the East! We wanted to give you a rundown of the venues and bands we've confirmed appearances with, so here it is, by date:

July 16th:
Spitfire Saloon, Cleveland, OH : 
We'll be sharing the stage with The Snotrockets, and the show will be broadcast live at
/spitfirepunk THIS VENUE KILLS. Cage.

July 17th:
Bogies, Albany, NY
HOLY.SHIT. This is a huge show. We're hitting it with New Red Scare, The Radicals, Bourbon Scum, Dead Aces, and dual-label mates Midnight Saints! Albany is gonna be flat when this one's over. 

July 18th:
Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC,NY!
One of the most anticipated shows on the tour, we're joining badass friends The Bloody Muffs on their home turf with Tied For Last, Dead and Gone, and NJ's Silverhounds! HOLY.HELL. You sonsabitches know we have to sleep at some point, right?

July 19th:
Sidebar Tavern, Baltimore, MD
This legendary (infamous?) venue has the attached weirdness of being a TV star, featuring as the 'cop bar' on The Badge, but more importantly, it regularly hosts some of the best shows in Baltimore. We're joining that list alongside Soulful Aggression and NO!, with special thanks to Carrie of the Revelevens (RIP) for setting us up here!

July 20th:
The Hideaway, Johnson City, TN
THE destination for punk and metal acts touring through the Tri-Cities area welcomes us to their stage along with Revitalization Movement and The Business Machines! We were gonna be in Roanoke on this date originally, but our friends in Angry Youth tore it up so bad at their show at the venue we booked at that they banned punk FOR LIFE. Good shit, guys!

July 21st:
Green Lantern Bar, Lexington, KY
Yet ANOTHER destination-level venue on the trip, Green Lantern hosts us this night, and we are joining Lexington's own favorite sons, BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS for what's sure to be one hell of a good show, and the first of 2 with them (see below) in 2 weeks!

July 22nd:
Third Street Dive, Louisville, KY
Louisville's definitive punk bar plays host to the second-last stop on the tour, and we're joined by fellow Indiana band The Dead Records!

July 23rd:
Indy's most famous, infamous, and loved punk bar welcomes us home to Indiana for our homecoming show at the now-over-a-decade-running PRN show! We're hitting the stage in our home (sorta) venue with Gypsy Blak, Oops Bazinga! and Chicago's Anxiety High! This is the last date on the tour, so we're gonna try and get rid of every ounce of energy we have left! 

A couple of shows right after that we'll mention as well...
August 4th We're on a show with OiTheBoat Records bands Brassknuckle Boys (the second show with them we mentioned) and Unit $ix! Thanks to Joe and Max at OTB, and Green Room Rockers' Alex Pirolo for hooking this one up. It takes place at the Knickerbocker Saloon in downtown Lafayette, Indiana... our first real hometown show in a LONG time. 
We also have a show coming up at Beatnik's Cafe in Marion, Indiana on August 13th with pop-punkers The Putz, and any show involving either Beatniks OR The Putz friggin RULES, so this one oughtta be a great time!

We'll be seeing you VERY soon.

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