Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Spotlight: Anti-Climax

bio....weezing, choking, and vomiting out of the boring refinery pollution filled suburbs of lake jackson were five gnarly smelly south texas fuckheads who came to form now dead and buried punk bands such as Anti-humans, the eviscerators, and the disgruntles, are once more screaming onto the south Texas punk scene like a malt liquor propelled skud missle, heading straight for any crowd of assholes that wanna hear us play faster and louder than ever before is ANTI-FUCKIN-CLIMAX! This fucked up medley now consists of Coby Doucet, and Kevin Barber shredding guitar riffs, Shawn Prosen killing the rainforest one pair of drumsticks at a time, Pistoff Christoph Davis belting backup vocals and pounding out bass riffs, and L.J. Burt belching profanity into the microphones. Ready to play any show at anytime.(excluding law enforcement functions, church picnics, your daughters sixth fuckin birthday party!) Anti-Climax, serving chaos since 2008 .

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Submitted Tracks:
Final Breath & Better Off Dead are unreleased tracks recorded May of 2011.
they will be coming out on a new 7"split and EP, release date tba.
All Cops Go To Hell & Shit Filth Vomit Disease are of of our 6 song Demo recorded in 2010. 
Copies of this demo are available, just contact the band via myspace or email.

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